So would I ha’ done, by yonder sun, An thou hadst not come to my bed.

Oh this is just so convenient, this reasoning.
Dude says, “Oh yes, I will marry you. Just come to my bed. Come to my bed and I’ll marry you, baby. I really want to marry you so come to my bed so I can marry you.”
And then she comes to his bed and he’s like, “Psych! That was a trick. I totally would have married you if you hadn’t done what I persuaded you to do. So it’s your fault.”
I’m pretty sure this is a flavor of gaslighting. And so a shitty person blames his victim for his shitty behavior. Because it’s her fault she came to his bed. Because she believed him when he said he’d marry her once he’d slept with her. And then instead of saying, “Psych! I just told you I’d marry you to get you into bed – “ He says, “I WOULD have married you if you had refused me.” Which, come on, let’s face it – a jerk like that? He was definitely not going to do. And this girl’s lucky, actually, that she doesn’t have to be shackled to such a reprehensible asshole.
So – winner?


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