Witness this army of such mass and charge Led by a delicate and tender prince, Whose spirit with divine ambitions puff’d Makes mouths at the invisible event Exposing what is mortal and unsure To all that fortune, death and danger dare, Even for an egg-shell.

With the deaths and burials of my grandparents these last few years, I have had more exposure to the military than I have in all the years pervious. An army does have great mass and charge and to lead them effectively does require delicacy and tenderness. I’ve been reading the West Point Alumni magazine and in it I learned about the ways that institute strives to create effective leadership.
I also read an example of a student leader who stepped in to relieve underclassmen who needed some reinforcements on some task.
Leading a group of people to a war over an eggshell or a scrap of worthless land doesn’t feel as though it’s very good leadership.
Not delicate. Not tender.

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