Sure, he that made us with such large discourse, Looking before and after, gave us not That capability and god-like reason To fust in us unused.

This is as good a plea for using our brains
As any.
Someone made us with this extraordinary capacity to think and learn and grow – we couldn’t be so rude as to not do those things. Even if it’s only evolution that made us it still seems silly to allow such gifts to lie dormant to fust in us, as it were.

We have a use it or lose it system. We have the great capacity to learn anything but if we don’t use what we have, our brains quickly shut down all unnecessary action. If we don’t get busy thinking, we might lose said ability to think clearly.

If we don’t use our limbs as much as we can, our limbs will lose their ability to move as much as we can.
If we don’t grow, we shrink.
That’s why I became a Feldenkrais practitioner.

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