Yes, it is already garrison’d.

Language is amazing. Have I said this before? I surely have. But – yes – garrison.
I hear garrison and I think of the name of a dorm where I went to college. I think of Garrison – which was surely named Garrison for some guy called Garrison, presumably some guy called Garrison who had a lot of money and gave it to the college. But that guy called Garrison had many relatives, also called Garrison, presumably…and the first one, the first Garrison was likely called Garrison due to his having something to do with a garrison or the act of garrisoning? Was the guard of a garrison called Garrison?
And here, this tiny worthless plot of land is garrisoned. It is defended before the Norwegians even show up.

And a year and a half after I wrote this post, I met a woman who asked me if I knew of a place called Garrison at my college. I said, absolutely. She said she knew Mr. Garrison when she was young and went to a ceremony to honor his name being put on a building at my college. Strange coincidental world.

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