Go, captain, from me greet the Danish King.

Well, hello Fortinbras! This is pretty late in the play for us to meet you, isn’t it? I mean. This is ACT IV, scene iv! It’s a long time to wait for the appearance of such an important guy. And then you’re out almost as soon as you come in – presumably so we can just see your face and recognize you when you come back at the end to go, “Uh – what HAPPENED here?”

It’s not quite a Star Part as Orson Welles described. People aren’t talking about Fortinbras ALL the time in this play but they do talk about him a BIT before he shows up. If I were directing a production, I might introduce some images of him at the start so it’s even more like a celebrity sighting when he shows up. Oh! Fortinbras! There’s Fortinbras!

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