For everything is sealed and done That else leans on the affair.

And by sealed and done he means that he’s already got that execution notice written up and sealed up and ready to go. Here it is.
I bet that was very satisfying for Claudius – let me just go ahead and write up this death sentence here so when I finally get my pesky nephew on a boat to England, I can get this shit DONE!
He probably feels like Hamlet’s already dead because he’s already sealed the documents. I was listening to a podcast about the Death Penalty in my country and how people around the world have become involved in abolishing it. And partly, I cannot believe we still have such a practice. And I learned from the podcast that it was abolished by the Supreme Court in 1972. Which was the year before I was born. So I was likely conceived in a year WITHOUT the death penalty and by the time I was born, it was a world where the people of my country successfully agitated for its reinstatement. So my government is no better than the (fictional) King of Denmark hundreds of years ago.

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