In heaven.

This FEELS like a classic middle school boy response, like, “What’s up?” “The Sky.”
But in fact, given the existential difficulty of the question, “in heaven” is a perfectly logical reply. Polonius is not, really, in his body anymore and in a culture that believes in heaven…he has clearly departed to go there. (One assumes. Although given all his manipulations and spying, it also MAY not be an accurate assumption.)

This suddenly makes me think of a sketch on W/Bob and David where a little kid has a near death experience and goes to heaven where he meets God. And when he’s on a talk show promoting his book about heaven, he lets slip that he saw Hitler in heaven and all kinds of other horrible people we would hope not to find there. His parents disavow him and it’s generally a big mess. But it does point out how complicated having some options about where one goes at death can be. Some believe in heaven but not hell. And who goes where if you do believe in hell can get quite complicated.
Where is Polonius?
He doesn’t get to confess his sins before he dies – so it’s a tricky one.

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