Whenever I think, “This place is ridiculous. I really need to get out of here.” Then the next thought is the inevitable, “Where?”
Not Detroit. Though I’ve considered it…it is a good place for artists. But the problem with the performing arts is that they require a critical mass of people with performing arts talent. Unless you’re willing to do a lot of teaching and waiting for those newly taught to get ripe enough to get good. I do not have the patience for this sort of thing at this stage in my life.

If I could go anywhere, it would be London. But immigration laws do not allow it. I’d also happily enjoy Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver. But again…immigration laws…so in my native land, I feel pretty stuck with NYC, no matter how crazy it makes me.
Sure, I’d like to see some more trees on a regular basis and to not have to spend every waking hour worrying about money. But in this country, the critical mass of talent and skill and people in that zone is such that I cannot leave. Because leave? And go where?

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