O, here they come.

It’s amazing how quickly we acclimate to technology and create new forms. I tried to post a gif in a blog post last night – and failed – but I was struck by how quickly gifs found their way into the culture. When JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, the moving photographs in that world were pure fantasy. Now…we see moving photographs all the time. In gif form. They may not be in picture frames yet but I bet that’s coming.

Anyway, I was thinking about all this because I had several gif ideas in response to this line. Instead of thinking words – I thought…Gif.

A gif of the beginning of The Monkees Theme song with “Here we come” written across the bottom.

A series of gifs of troops rising over a hill in just about every war movie (with a hill) ever made.

A gif of King Arthur galloping over a hill clomping his coconuts together in Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

A series of gifs of kids flooding into schools or out of schools – anything with hordes of kids moving from one place to another.

In the future, there will be gif artists. There probably already are.

And due to the way gifs tend to capture moments of pop culture, it’s possible that already people are writing their film or TV scenes with the future gifs in mind.
It is the era of the Gif now.

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