I pray you haste in this.

This kid I was working with as part of his drama club was still sitting while the rest of his classmates stood, ready onstage. When I asked him why he wasn’t up there with them, he told me he was preserving his energy to the last possible moment when he would spring up and do the task. He thought this was a really smart strategy he’d invented. And maybe for him it IS a upper effective strategy. Me, though, I don’t usually go from zero to 60 like that. I have to get myself moving, jamming, running, if I have to, so that my energy isn’t dead by the time we get to my moment.
But that is a lesson in the future for this young actor. He has not yet worked out how much of the work is about energy manipulation, about speed and readiness. And if you have urgency or haste nowhere else, please, at least, put it on stage.

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