Ho, Guildenstern!

Ho, ho! The Guildenstern plot thickens!
The king calls for Guildenstern
But not Rosencrantz.
This supports my theory about Guildenstern’s transformation and possible deal with the king. He’s somehow earned preferential treatment from the king. He must have given him something – earned his trust by higher levels of betrayal of Hamlet, perhaps?
I’m not sure – but I do think Rosencrantz’s head would be an interesting place to be at this moment in the play.
He comes in with Guildenstern when Guildenstern is called for. And neither of them says a word. But what is Rosencrantz thinking when the King calls only Guildenstern?
Does he know something is up?
Does he feel slighted?
Wonder what happened?
I wonder what happened. The King has them wrapped around his finger.


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