O, heavy deed!

I love how hippies used the word “heavy.”
It’s fallen out of fashion – you don’t hear so much “That’s heavy, man.” Or even so much singing of “He ain’t heavy.”
“Heavy” these days is mostly used as an obnoxious euphemism for fat. (I’m inclined to use fat, myself, and in an act of political advocacy, I try to say, “a gorgeous fat woman” or that “beautiful fat man”) If we’re going to use euphemisms, I prefer “Person of Size” or “Attractive Person of Size.” Heavy feels like an inaccurate measure – as a fat person can be quite light. And we don’t call a skinny person “light.” Also – it’s a measure of something we’re not in the middle of experiencing – not unless the fat person is actively sitting on us. (Something I recommend all fat people do to anyone who calls them heavy.)

But a hippie heavy is one of my favorite uses of “heavy.” Its spirit is a little like this line here…giving a sense of being weighed down. My favorite hippie character is from an 80s show wherein the hippie character, Neil, was quite fond of saying “Heavy.” Like, when catastrophic things happened, he’d say something like, “That’s heavy, man.” Usually in his case, it was an extraordinary understatement.

The house blows up?
His friend beheaded?
Neil is the best for things heavy.


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