They must sweep my way And marshal me to knavery.

Hamlet understands precisely what Claudius is up to with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. It is interesting how accurate his sense of this plan is. Is it because he understands how Claudius thinks? Or has he been doing some spying himself?
The former is a little bit more interesting – because if Hamlet fully understands Claudius’s plan to have him killed in England, he might have a bit of Claudius in him himself. He is – after all – related. There are likely familial traits and ticks – things they have in common.
It might be really interesting to see a production where you could really see the family traits in them…where there were obvious habits of mind, body, rhythm.
So often we think of Claudius and Hamlet as so very different from one another – but what if they were more alike?

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