Who would do so?

A trusted employee of a friend forged her signature on a series of checks and stole a hefty sum. The discovery has rocked everyone – me included and I’m not even involved.

The thing that is so baffling is the why – as well as the mystery of the who. Like – who was this person deep down that she could make a decision like that. We all thought we knew her. She was nice, sweet, attentive, kind. If you asked me, “Do you think this person could steal from her employer?” I’d have said, “No!”
Unless it was just, like, some office supplies or some shit. I could see her taking some paper clips or something. Because, big deal. But forge checks? No.
Who would do such a thing?
Apparently not the people you’d expect.
It changes the narrative of the sweet, kind person to something strange and dark and insidious. How did this happen? How did this person transform significantly? Who did she become to have this seem like a good idea?


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