Not this, by no means, that I bid you do.

Is Hamlet being purposefully obscure here?
Purposefully contrary? It’s, like, double opposites.
What should you do? Not this.
Which this? The this you said before or the this you’re about to say?
And why would you tell me to do something that you don’t want me to do?
It is very unclear.
I wonder if Hamlet himself is a little unclear about his strategy here. I mean, yes, for his mother’s soul, as he sees it, she should quit sleeping with Claudius right away. But – but – actually – it might be good to NOT raise suspicions right now.
And sarcasm is a weird choice for this little moment.
If I were the Queen and Hamlet was like – “Don’t do what I tell you. Tell Claudius I’m just making up this mad thing.”
And meanwhile he’s really acting like a madman, killing someone, imagining he sees the ghost of his father, switching his tactics every 6 lines – if I were the Queen in that situation, I’d have no IDEA what Hamlet was asking me for. The queen seems to understand perfectly well, though, that he wants her to keep her trap shut as that is what she promises to do. But dang, it’s a baffler.

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