Bring me to the test, And I the matter will re-ward, which madness Would gambol from.

It is only the mad who really get to gambol in earnest. As one ages, one gets fewer and fewer opportunities to gambol, or rather, there are fewer and fewer gambol appropriate circumstances. You can gambol with children. You can gambol if you score a goal in a game. You can (maybe) get away with gamboling after receiving good news.
You can’t gambol away from the bus or while walking into the bank. There is no gamboling at the office or at school. Don’t gambol in the supermarket and definitely not in church or synagogue or temple or mosque. No gamboling in the Senate or at the Stock exchange. Unless you’re mad. Then you can gambol to your heat’s content. Which does make madness a little bit more attractive than it might otherwise be.


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