My father, in his habit, as he lived!

How do the ghost authorities decide what clothes the ghost will do his haunting in? In this case, he gets his war outfit, including armor and helmet. One assumes this is not the ensemble in which he died. (Unless Hamlet Sr. liked to take refreshing naps in his orchard fully armed and armored up.) It’s probably not even the clothes they buried him in. For a king, one might be more likely to go with a crown and royal mantle.
But these ghostly authorities, like the Queer Eye for the Dead Guy, said – “For this one, I think, metal! Let’s go with a war theme, everyone. I mean, you looked good in everything, King Hamlet, don’t get us wrong. We could have chosen your nightshirt and you’d have looked majesterial and fabulous – but I think your best look was always the warrior one. Don’t you guys think so? And wear that beaver up. It shows off your eyes.”


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