Have you eyes?

Gratefully, yes. And I appreciate them more and more each day.
It has always been nice to see. And despite a lot of childhood ocular difficulty, I do a reasonably good job of seeing.
It is only recently, though, that I have come to think of the eyes as part of the body, as drivers of movement, as these most mobile little orbs of exploration.
My work in the Feldenkrais Method has proved how essential the eyes can be and in listening to the work of a man who healed his vision with the Method – I get an even more profound understanding of the anatomy of my eyes. To be able to sense the eyeball – floating in my skull – two little balls of honey, floating, two water lilies, two floating candles, gummy balls of receptivity.
I am very glad to have them, the sweet sensitive things.


And the timing of my project is funny. Because I wrote this first part probably a year and a half ago and in the last few months, I discovered that I have a rather severe vision issue. That is, my eyes are perfectly healthy (the lady with the eyeball machine said she’s never seen a healthier eye) but my brain doesn’t see accurately. It probably never has. I have convergence insufficiency and my brain suppresses all sorts of things it shouldn’t. I am only now discovering that being able to see double is a thing that most people can do. Until recently, I thought it was a metaphor.

I still, all this time later, cherish my eyes. But I cannot say I see reasonably well anymore. Nor did I ever.


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