Thou findest to be too busy is some danger.

I found this out pretty early, myself.
In high school, I got myself into every possible theatrical activity I could find. At one point, I was doing four shows at once – on top of going to school.
It was madness. But also a lot of fun.
When you’re first in love, you can do all of it.
But when it stopped –
When I stopped
I realized all the things I’d been missing.
I had no time to process.
I missed out on some meaningful events.
I failed to have a social life.
When I got to college – I was much more cautious about how much I took on. I didn’t do just any show. I only auditioned for those I really wanted to do so as not to get overwhelmed with all of my schoolwork. But I misjudged a few times and chose the wrong show. Why in the world did I not do that all woman Julius Caesar?
But I was trying to avoid the danger I’d discovered in previous years.
It is a dance.
When I was working as an actor, I was so busy, I failed entirely to develop a life. I was driving up and down the East Coast, auditioning – booking gigs fairly regularly. . .but not booking a life. So I quit. Moved to NYC to get a life.
And discovered a new kind of busy.
The dangers are everywhere.


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