O me, what hast thou done?

I checked my email. Or rather, I tackled the task of my inbox. I’d been away from my computer for almost two weeks and I had a thousand messages. Most of them just needed to be deleted but it’s amazing how long deleting a bunch of emails can take. And in the process I tried to answer the most pressing, the things I hadn’t responded to that I needed to. There wasn’t anything too awful in there- mostly just a lot of business maintenance. But somehow the whole process kicked in an anxiety that I had left behind for the two weeks I was gone. And all the thrilling inspiration of travel and ideas and otherness started to dissolve into the mundane tasks of a life. I had hoped the high of my voyage might sustain me through jumpstarting a few of my projects…that it might help me focus on what is truly important to me before it all disappeared in the daily grind of life here.
I could have fed the muse.
I could have put off those emails for one more day and JUST focused on the dreams and ideas –
Only done things that advanced them.
But no, I had to clear my inbox.
I had to respond and respond and respond.


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