A rat?

In the Natural History Museum of Iraklion, we saw a little rodent, native to Greece. It looked a bit too much like a rat to me, though it wasn’t one. My mom thought it was cute. But then, she doesn’t have the rodent phobia that I do.

This room also featured quite a few snakes so it was chock full of things that give me the willies, even when they are behind glass.

It’s interesting to be in a room full of things I am afraid of with my mother. I think she doesn’t know how twitchy I get with snakes and rodents – because they do not bother her and we have my whole lifetime of her trying to show me not to be afraid.

But my boyfriend is highly attuned to how much a rat or a snake would be something I’d wish to avoid. It’s funny.

Rats are not funny, though. Not at all.
Not mice, either. Or snakes.
Unless they’re all cartoons, in case, fine –
Funny as hell.


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