Help, ho!

The best laid plans…my mom and I are flying to Greece today. She was to fly to NYC from Richmond, VA and we were to fly together. But her plane hasn’t gone and is not going so now her flight to Greece has been re-scheduled and they’re working on re-scheduling mine. But meanwhile, I’m due to leave in about a half and hour. Or less, actually. Which scatters all the plans up. I got up at 7:30 this morning, which is impossibly early for me. And hustled lots of cleaning of the apartment I’ve been crashing in and did all I could to make sure I got this small window of writing time – and yet it’s all been taken up with dealing with the re-scheduling and craziness and sometimes in the space of all things spinning out of control – even pleasant easy things like traveling – a small child’s voice in me cries out this very line.


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