You are the Queen, your husband’s brother’s wife, And would it were not so, you are my mother.

Perhaps this is why I have avoided marriage and motherhood. Once you cross that threshold – your own identity gets lost in the reflective identities.

I just read an article about how many men reacted when asked how they’d feel about taking their wives’ names. They were horrified and were quite clear how it would make them feel weak and secondary to their wives – that they would suddenly just be somebody’s husband rather than themselves. Yet somehow these same men expected their wives to be weak and secondary to them – to become somebody’s wife instead of themselves.

Gertrude is defined only by the men she married and the man she gave birth to. That’s it.
Aside from the Queen.
But she seems to be Queen in name only. She does not seem to have any power of her own. She is only Queen because she is married to Kings.
First Ladies would seem to have more power and authority than she has.
Hell, Osric seems to have more power than Gertrude has.


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