Mother, mother, mother.

Had I three ears I’d hear thee.”

It’s interesting how there appears to be an ongoing bit of magic in repeating a name three times. There’s almost an entire horror genre that uses this idea. Candyman? Bloody Mary? Beetlejuice?
I play a game called Name Three times that has no mysterious dark magic in it – except for magically waking up a group of people and getting their synapses firing a little bit more together.
And like any repetition in performance, this repetition is an invitation to play. You feel some drive to differentiate them or make some meaning of the repetition. To just say mother three times in the same tone would be almost avant garde. OR just boring. There was a guy who made monotone Shakespeare shows. He was/is an avant garde theatre dude and his gimmick with the plays was to do them without doing them. It was just boring, after all.


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