Look you lay home to him.

How does Polonius have the authority to tell the Queen of Motherfucking Denmark how she should speak to her son?
She is the Queen. He is – NOT the Queen.
Not only is he not the Queen, he’s not even some other royalty of some kind. He’s, like, the royal what? The role is never explicitly stated. Nor is it clear how long he has held this position.
The Queen, however, has been the motherfucking Queen for some time. How is it possible that this guy a) has the authority to tell her what to do and b) has the audacity to? And why does she LISTEN? She does exactly as he’s instructed her – when several scenes before she wasn’t having any of his nonsense. She more mattered and less arted him not long before.
Does he have something over her?
On her?
Has he blackmailed her? Does he know what’s up and he’s threatened to share it with her son?
Is he being all Tulkinghorn to her Lady Deadlock?
I’d expect the Gertrude of earlier scenes to give him a whack and say, “Don’t you tell me how to talk to my son. I don’t care if he is crazy – you don’t give me instructions. I am the motherfucking Queen!”
But I guess the crazy is the wild card here. If Polonius has somehow set himself up on the authority of crazy, he’s cast himself a bit like a Doctor and anyone will listen to a doctor when their loved one is at stake. So maybe she tolerates this as a kind of prescription. It is instructions are followed because she thinks Polonius knows how to handle a crazy person. Maybe she thinks he knows what’s best for Hamlet. Which is bonkers. Because he doesn’t and nothing she’s seen would suggest Polonius does know anything about Hamlet or madness.


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