Words without thoughts never to heaven go.

Well that IS unfortunate!
You mean you don’t get a pass just for saying the prayer? You have to mean it, too?
Like, when someone is forced to apologize for something he’s done and he says, “Sorry” with a tone that suggests he is not in the least bit sorry. Then if it’s a parent doing the compelling, then the parent has to somehow get across the idea that you have to MEAN it, too. Or at least SOUND like you mean it.
The trick is – with heaven – I guess you couldn’t get away with just SOUNDING penitent. Apparently God can see your thoughts, too – so you not only have to sound like you mean it but also actually mean it. Because HE’LL know. Which – wow – talk about never getting a moment alone!
And what a big job – to read the actual thoughts of all people. I would not want that gig. TMI!


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