My fault is past.

The first fault is, sure. The one where you killed your brother.
But all the subsequent faults continue to stack up on each other
Like bricks on a very solid sin house.
Did you or did you not
Just set Hamlet up to be killed
By both his friends AND the King of England?
Aren’t you in MID-fault now?
Listen – I know it’s a little like “I am in blood stepp’d in so far”
But that’s a sunk cost fallacy.
You know what that is, right?
Where you keep going on a thing
Just because you’ve been working on that thing for a while
Or invested a lot in that thing
So you don’t want to quit
And waste all your previous efforts/resources?
It’s convenient to see your fault as past
But it continues.
Yes, you already dropped the boulder in the pool
But the ripples that are still rippling from that aren’t just ripping from the initial drop,
No, you keep dropping more rocks,
Throwing stones and pebbles in the orbit of that first throw.


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