For we will fetters put about this fear, Which now goes too free-footed.

Damn that’s a lot of Fs!
Claudius isn’t usually so alliterative
and neither is Shakespeare.
Those Fs are doing something.
What is it?
I try it.
What happens when I pronounce F F F multiple times?
And it’s not a soothing sound,
It’s not a soothing feeling. It has a sputtering sense – a stop on something.

In the current climate, the repetition of F leads to feeling like I’m trying to avoid saying “fuck” or wanting to but somehow not being able to.

It has almost a SPITTING quality. Something that probably explain why “fuck” is such a satisfying word to swear with because it starts with that spitting sensation.

This scene could be super interesting for a Claudius to negotiate. . .to begin with outbursts to go toward this spitting Fs – and then finally get to the big confession.



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