The single and peculiar life is bound With all the strength and armor of the mind To keep itself from noyance;

My particular single and peculiar life
Does not seem quite free from noyance

Is anyone’s life free from it?

A noyance – free life would be so swaddled in cotton, there’d be no edges – and at a certain point, the cotton itself would become a noyance.

I had a book of Andy Warhol quotations and for some reason a line of his about rich people and problems stuck with me. It was something like, “Everyone has problems. Even rich people – even if it’s just that the toilet doesn’t work.”
Which frankly would be a bigger noyance for the poor as it will take either more time or a larger percentage of an income to fix it. But it is a noyance in any case.

But – any single, peculiar life does STRIVE to keep itself free from noyance. Even the simplest life forms move toward the nice things away from the not nice. We have movement and brains to help us do just that.


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