I will speak daggers to her, but use none.

Does he really have to plan not to stab his mother? Or plan to not stab his mother?
I mean, I suppose, in a culture wherein everyone has a blade on them at all times, it might be quite easy to cut or stab someone that you hadn’t quite intended to.
Maybe even your mother.
I mean, there it is, at your hip, like Chekhov’s gun – just waiting to be used. Sure, you can slice cheese with it or open letters and packages but what a dagger is mostly for is dagger duties – for cutting or stabbing or what have you.
It feels like his planning on threatening her -but with what?
I’ve always interpreted the speaking daggers as just more of the cruelty he mentioned before, like saying sharp words.
But the following line seems to suggest a plan of a threat.
Like, I’m going to threaten to stab her but I won’t do it.
But what does he want her to do?
That’s what unclear to me.
Plot against Claudius with him?
Mightn’t she be persuaded some other way?
Why does he have to go talk to his mom before he kills Claudius?
Does he need her approval?
But I’m glad he’s got a pre-meditated stab-free afternoon or evening planned. . .


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