Now could I drink hot blood And do such bitter business as the day Would quake to look on.

With a line like this, how on earth do people think of Hamlet as wimpy or indecisive or anemic?
This is the language of a man who is ready and willing to do all kinds of atrocities. He’s channeling his inner Pyrrus – ready to be caked in blood. This is the language of a man like Macbeth, for example. It’s the language of a murderer.

I just read a little blurb about Peter Saarsgard’s Hamlet and how he decided to do the part. Apparently, the director told him Hamlet was a murderer – and that sold him. I’m interested, too.

What is a Hamlet who is more like Macbeth like?
Not just in this line – but throughout. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to play it that way myself but I’m intrigued.

I want to see a hot blood drinking Hamlet. Or a vampire Hamlet. Surely that’s been done already somewhere?

If not – Dibs!


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