Do you see yonder cloud that’s almost in shape of a camel?

I’ve been thinking a lot about camels. I’m writing a book in which a camel plays a significant part. I have a sense of what a camel is like because I’ve seen photographs and video. I have seen camels on screens, if not in person. I’ve put together a camel in my mind from books, TV shows, movies and cartoons.

But where did Shakespeare get his sense of camel?
From books?
There weren’t camels in England.
Or Denmark for that matter.

I suspect that camels got a lot of the attention they got mostly from the Bible. They show up there. . .so camels take up some space in people’s imaginations – despite never having seen one.

The shape of a camel likely became quite significant to those who went to church.
It makes a real animal somewhat mythic, I would think.

The shape of a camel always seen as a painting or stained glass or illumination or drawing. A unicorn might be as real in this scenario.


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