God bless you, sir!

I have a Feldenkrais client who doesn’t really get it. She doesn’t feel anything when I give her a Functional Integration lesson and wonders what she should feel. There’s something about her questioning that makes me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. It zooms past my experience with her and out into my whole identity as a practitioner, then as a person.

Then today, I had a client who, the moment I touched him, began to thank me and did not stop the whole rest of the hour. Everything I did seemed to him just the right thing and he let me know, affirming it all with words.

This is generally a bit of overkill. It’s not up to my client’s to give me affirmation. But today – it was much appreciated. To have such a graceful accomplished gentleman find everything I did to be remarkable, went a long way toward repairing my shaken confidence.


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