‘Sblood, do you think I am easier to be played on than a pipe?

‘Sblood is such a good swear. It’s just fun to say. It’s not so great once you work out where it came from and why it’s a swear. I mean.. . His Blood. . . like, it’s invoking a religious figure and stuff in his body, which is a little bit holy.
Which is why it’s blasphemous to swear with it, of course – just like Zounds – which is His Wounds.
It’s all a little bit gross and morbid.
But if you don’t think too deeply about these and just SAY them with vigor, then, they are just wholly delightful, linguistically. It helps to be one syllable. It gives you a lot of places to go with it.
But – of course, here, they’ve punctuated this so it has the feeling of starting a sentence with “Goddamn it. . .” which is, of course , essentially what we’re dealing with here.


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