And there is much music, excellent voice, in this little organ.

There’s a Kids in the Hall sketch that features a tiny oompa band. I don’t remember what happens – but the tiny oompa band is very vivid in my visual memory. They’re about mouse sized, with tiny instruments.
There’s also that joke about the 9 inch pianist. I imagine a little organ as much the same size as the oompa band in the sketch. It features a tiny organist as well. And it’s a tiny PIPE organ, also.
The tiny organist wears tails, which he flips out of the way when he sits at the organ. He plays classic horror film tunes and dramatic arpeggios. The pipes of the pipe organ are such that it looks like it could be played like a pan flute.
It’s very handy to have around when you need some foreboding chords played.


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