The Queen your mother in most great affliction of spirit hath sent me to you.

What if Guildenstern has a special relationship with Gertrude?
She has specifically sent Guildenstern to Hamlet because Guildenstern, upon seeing Gertrude upset, has gone straight to her. What if the King and Queen sent for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern because the Queen knows exactly where to find Guildenstern and thinks he might be able to help her with her son.
What if Guildenstern has suddenly gotten a little paternalistic, a little Polonius like – with Hamlet because he’s just been getting busy with his mom?
What if it started years ago when Hamlet and Guildenstern were young and Guildenstern would come over and be all Eddie Haskell with Hamlet’s Mom.
“Hello, Mrs. Hamlet, you’re looking beautiful today.”
And since Mr. Hamlet was so often away at the wars, she found herself flattered and intrigued. Neither Rosencrantz nor Hamlet ever the wiser.
Nor Claudius Nor Hamlet Sr, either.
Gertrude and Guildenstern get it going.
Until of course it all falls apart.
Like everyone in this play.


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