Your wisdom should show itself more richer to signify this to the doctor.

I wonder what a Renaissance cure for choler was. What exactly would a doctor do if you came to him with a complaint of choler?

So, Claudius, what brings you here today?
Well, Doc, I gotta bad case of choler. I feel like, maybe, I could rage all night and get myself on a murdering streak. What can you do for me?
Well, Mr. King, that sounds like a fairly serious case of choler. We’ll need to balance your humors right away. Maybe a little dose of phlegm will do it? With a bit phlegmatic influence, you might find your choler mediated a bit. Or at least slowed down. I recommend a large dose of milk after every meal and when your nose wants to run, swallow it. Retain all the phlegm you can.
Doc, that sounds a little disgusting.
I’m a DOCTOR. It’s the MODERN AGE. This is the swinging 17th Century, Claudius. That’s why you come to me – to get the advanced treatments.


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