For if the king like not the comedy, Why then, belike he likes it not, perdy.

Is Hamlet just making this up? Is he riffing on an existing rhyme or song?
Or does he just start spouting lyrics, rhymes or raps when he gets excited?
I’ve known some rappers who do this – just turn the key and rhymes come out.
This rhyme’s not great. He wouldn’t win a rap battle with this one.
The rhythm is funny. And perdy?
If this is some song or lyric or poem that Hamlet pulls out at this moment, it may be slightly more comprehensible, in that the comedy has another point of reference. That is, if this is referencing something else – it can be a joke about both THIS situation and the something else. Mostly it feels like this is here to get at a sense of giddiness in our Prince of Denmark, a little pause in the demand for music he’s making.


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