Because of this blog, the folks at the Global Hamlet found me and hired me shortly thereafter to help them make inroads in the American scene. They were claiming to be the first crowdsourced literary work.- the first crowdsourced Hamlet. When I explained it to my partner, he said, “Oh, like Rap Genius but for Shakespeare?”
And I was like: “What’s Rap Genius?”
Which is where Google came in and lo and behold Rap Genius had now become just Genius and what do you know, it also had Hamlet on there – with commentary already in action. I thought the two websites ought to have done a team up – but The Global Hamlet folk weren’t so into it. So I let it go. Then they let me go. So now Genius is my literary website of choice – and one of the things that I particularly love about it are the comments that are Gifs.
All that to say that if I ever got myself into doing Genius commentary, I’d definitely want to find a Gif of the Norwegian band from the 80s for this line. Maybe the moment where he sees himself in the mirror.
We’re not that high tech here at the Hamlet Project. I’d have to learn how to make a gif first. And then how to embed it in the blog. . .well. . .maybe an A-ha gif would be worth the trouble.



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