Would not this, sir, and a forest of feathers – if the rest of my fortunes turn Turk with me – with two Provincial roses on my razed shoes, get me a fellowship in a cry of players, sir?

It would be great if all it took to join a theatre company was a crazy outfit featuring feathers and shoes. I’d have tried that technique straight out of the gate. No auditioning required – just get a lot of feathers and some funny shoes.
And then I could join a “CRY” of players. Is that really the collective of players? Like a murder of crows? A cry of players?

It makes a great deal of sense. First, a great deal of crying happens on stage and Second, a player’s life probably had a great deal of crying off stage as well.
I suppose, though, that it’s not just his outfit but also the play he just put on that might get him his membership in the players. So – write a play, put on the shoes and some feathers – get a membership in a theatre company.
I have written a great many plays – and since I started a theatre company –in order to produce them, I guess it worked! Now all we need are the feathers and the shoes.


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