Lights, lights, lights!

I love lighting designers. I’ve thought sometimes about how it might be possible to make a show with just lighting designers – because they are just so delightful to work with.

They are usually extremely generous people with very little ego. I wonder if this is just part of the job – they are continually just doing their best to make everyone and everything else look good. They literally shine a light on others and that light shows people at their best. Their art is literally reflective. It brings out the best in those who are in it.

Their work often comes last in the line-up. They take what comes before them and shine it up, bathe it in their own glory before showing it to the world.

I’d give a lot to work with actors and designers and directors and so on who were so ready to support, to buoy, to make everything look better.

Next show: Just lights. A series of short light pieces completely created by different lighting designers.
And we’d add only elements that the lighting designers wanted to see in their lights.

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