This play is the image of a murder done in Vienna.

Vienna is the perfect place for a murder mystery.
In the deathly quiet of a Vienna’s square, there is suddenly a scream. A body has been discovered right on the steps of a cathedral.
It’s winter. The air is clod and crisp. No leaves are on the trees. Everyone is bundled up in coats and hats, their breath steaming.

They gather round the body, the blood has begun to congeal. It is likely darker that it was when the man was murdered here.
He is stretched across the steps diagonally, covering as many steps as would be possible to cover with his body. His blood covers more.
The crowd whispers. Wonders if they know him. Does anyone know him? They wonder how it happened. Did anyone see anything?
Before long a policeman pushes his way through the crowd to come and stand over the body.
From the cathedral, a priest in his black robe hurries out to join them.
The two stand together on either side of the man on the stairs.
“Who has done this?” asks the priest.
“I will need to ask everyone some questions,” says the officer.

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