So think thou wilt no second husband wed, But die thy thoughts when thy first lord is dead.

People say these sorts of things so they can say, “I told you” later. But of course if the predicted event happens after your death, it’s a little bit of a wasted, “I told you so.”
Unless, of course you come back from the dead, as the other First King does in this play. If you come back from the dead, you can, when your wife who swore she’d never re-marry remarries, show up in your ghostly raiments at the wedding or the wedding night and shout, “I told you so! See, you said you wouldn’t and I said you would and I was right and you were wrong so now I can go back to my grave knowing I was right. So… anyway – enjoy your wedding night, guys. Just popped by to stay “I told you so” and do a little gloating.”
And then the ghost can return to decomposing because he did tell her so.

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