For ‘tis a question left us yet to prove, Whether love lead fortune, or else fortune love.

I’m not sure it’s that interesting a question, actually.
Does Fortune ride love’s roller coaster or does love ride fortune’s roller coaster?
Or both.
I mean, really, it’s both, isn’t it.
It’s all mixed up – love and fortune.
A change in love changes your fortune and then a change in fortune changes your love.
You’re miserable.
You fall in love.
You cheer right up.
Love feels good.
You lose your job.
You have a hard time at home, you’re a different person now that you scowl over the classifieds every day.
Love is a little bit inconsequential at the moment.
Your love wins the lottery.
Both of your lives improve for a moment.
But then your love enjoys those fancy meals out more than you do and you disagree about the investment strategy.
Love and Fortune. It’s all just ups and downs.


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