Where joy most revels, grief doth most lament.

Yes, and water is wet and ice is cold.
The Pope is Catholic. Bears do shit in the woods.

The King in the Murder of Gonzago is also Captain Obvious.
Oh really? The most lamentable griefs were once extreme joys?
I don’t get what this long list of the same idea is DOING. It feels like stalling. It feels like vamping. It feels like something went wrong in the play and the King has been instructed to riff a little bit while the missing prop is retrieved or something.
There would have to be SOME bit of business for this here to make any damn sense.
Do we want non-essential plot time to watch the court watching the play?
Is this bit trying to be as boring and repetitive as possible to keep our attention on the watchers rather than the play within?
It’s a little bit ridiculous.

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