Such love must needs be treason in my breast.

On the news quiz show, they mentioned a study in which a large percentage of the women surveyed had back-up husbands in mind. That is, there was some man that they knew that they had visions of turning to should their current marriages not work out.
I guess it turns out that a large percentage of married women had this kind of treason in their breasts. It’s kind of a small treason though, isn’t it? And potentially evolutionarily sound.
Like, if evolution has us partner up for the benefit of children, should we lose said partner, it might be good to have another in mind to help us and our genetic line survive.
But, sure, treason in the breast. Okay. I mean, just because one thinks about a 2nd career as a fireman when one’s singing career doesn’t work out doesn’t mean you’re committing treason against Plan A. It just makes sense.

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