We shall know by this fellow.

The stage direction is: Enter the Fourth Player as Prologue.
Which along with this line, makes me wonder if there is some sort of accepted Prologue costume or prop.
Like, if a guy comes out in a tabard and a pointy hat, everyone knows he’s the Prologue.
Or he wears a little chalkboard around his neck that reads “Prologue.” Or maybe the prologue wears a wizard robe with plot points pinned to it so he doesn’t forget. It feels like there is some signal that this guy is going to give us a prologue speech. In much the same manner that if a guy in a top hat and tails emerges at a circus, we assume he will be the ringmaster. Or if a woman appears in a bikini at a boxing match, we assume she will be telling us what round we’re in.
What those signals are for this particular position, I don’t know – but it would seem there is SOMETHING.

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