Ay, my lord.

Rosencrantz, speaking first again. I mean, I assume Guildenstern is standing there, too and it is Rosencrantz who speaks.
I am building a whole case about Rosencrantz now. One in which he’s a little bit of a kiss-ass and in which Guildenstern is not sure what to do about it. Maybe he resents him? Maybe he’s impressed with Rosencrantz’s new found ambition with the higher-ups?
Maybe he’s used to it?
Oh, but that Rosencrantz, he’s such a suck-up.
There’s a world to be developed between them and certainly Tom Stoppard took them one way but there’s another narrative in here, too.
It’s not just a story of how alike they are, how they are mixed up, like twins. There is also a story of how they’re different.


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