I was killed I’th’Capitol.

This happens in acting class or in shows. You start to identify with the character. Some will teach you to do it – to think of as I instead of him. Other times it just happens. You start to identify so fully with the character that the things that happen to the character seem to happen to you.
Characteristics of the character seem to be yours.
For months after playing a pregnant girl, I had post-partum depression. I missed my cotton front t-shirt bump baby.
It is a curious way to experience things.
Worlds start to interlock if you’re not careful. On our tour, Gertrude and Claudius did eventually start to collude. Ophelia went mad. Laertes raged. Polonius talked a blue streak. Hamlet spent a lot of time alone.
On the other hand, though, not quite a decade later, I played many characters without taking on their stuff. I think, perhaps, the lines of self are a lot more malleable when we are young, so we’re not as clear what we are acting and who we are.
Polonius was a young man when he played Caesar – so he took his playacted death as personally as a young man does. The death was clearly the biggest event for Caesar and so became so for young Polonius playing him.

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