My lord, you played once i’th’ university, you say?

Copenhagen University presents the Poli Sci Players’ production of Julius Caesar
(image: a 19 year old Polonius in a bedsheet clasped together with string.)
Saturday and Sunday in the College Cafeteria –
See Caesar meet his end where we meet our friends!

There’s something remarkable about the fact that kids have been doing plays in college from before Shakespeare started writing. There’s a long tradition of academic playacting, it would seem. Now, many of those people will do Shakespeare’s plays so it’s remarkable to think about that lineage going so far back and circling.
Before fraternity brothers put on Hamlet, they put on Julius Caesar – but not Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar – some earlier writer’s. Perhaps someone closer to the actual period of Caesar.

I meet a lot of people who did theatre in college. A lot of the people that I knew when I was IN college did theatre. It’s one of those things, like experimenting with your sexuality, that people do and think back on fondly before moving on to more lucrative things.


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